Thursday, September 6, 2012

And in Breaking News....that break in your paycheck

I was warned about it and sure enough...when the time rolled around..... it happened to me too!

WHAT happened to me too? Well this:
When you reach the end of your unemployment here in CA - (pre-your first Extension) - you'll only get half your  "paycheck".

So if things are tight for you now, get prepared for a rough month. AND should your parking violation department chose this month to throw that parking ticket at you for a sign that was obviously totally obscured by trees and branches well then....

Set Siri on your iphone to set a reminder for the 4 weeks/month advance notice so you see it coming. Better yet, start saving right now.... Save from what?? you ask - well even $5 a paycheck will help offset this gap in your pay schedule if you start right now.

So what happens is - you get half your "paycheck" AND if you're not paying attention and fail to call that very next week (as opposed to your normal schedule of every OTHER week) you have a further gap in your pay schedule. Like me.

I was warned by my friend to whom this happened and then it happened to me!! GRRrrr. So please save yourself a super stressful month trying to make ends meet and mark your date on your calendars, on your phone and whatever else system you may have implemented!!!

You can find the end of your unemployment on the top right of your "pay stub". This will give you the end date of your first and regular unemployment period. Here in CA in 2012, its 6 months.

Outside of half your pay and calling 2 weeks in a row, you don't need to do anything else. The state files your extension automatically and on you go.

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