Thursday, August 8, 2013


PLEASE NOTE : This was back in 2013.
I am unsure if there are any lack of California EDD funds after 2013.

"While the EDD will no longer be able to file NEW Tier 4 extensions that start
August 11, 2013 or after, already existing claims can still be paid. Anyone starting a
Tier 4 extension prior to August 11th and who continues to remain otherwise eligible
will be allowed to collect the remainder of their Tier 4 benefits."

Here's the full notice from CA EDD >

So, first, yes TIER and EXTENSION are the same thing. Why the EDD doesn't use the same language across the board is beyond me. Just another perk to confuse you further. Yay.

Now if you are on your first or second extension you definitely WILL NOT be getting a 4th extension. Your benefits will end after your Third Tier/Extension.

If you're already on your Fourth Tier/Extension  then everything remains the same. Relax. Breathe. You are NOT affected by the change.

But what it does mean is, if your Tier/Extension 3 ends AFTER August 11th, 2013 - then you are done! You have exhausted your unemployment benefits. Finito. Exito. Elvis has left the building. You got no income.

NOTE: You can tell when your Tier/Extension 3 ends by looking at the top portion of your last claim form. There you will find the dollar amount left on your current extension. Divide this amount by your weekly unemployment benefit amount and that will tell you how many weeks you have left before you have to move back in with your parents.

If, like me, (thank you Jesus) your third extension ended just a few days before August 11th, you're golden and the EDD automatically filed your Tier/Extension 4 and you will receive all of the Tier 4 benefits they awarded you.

Heavy sigh. If you're still looking for a job - keep your head up. At the same time, if you're Tier 3 or 4- or heck even at the end of Tier 2, I'd start making new long-term living arrangements if you're currently paying rent. Remember most places require 30 days notice. And moving boxes, moving men, tape, trucks or caddys, gas etc in total can cost hundreds. PLAN as far ahead as you can so you don't have your back up against the wall your last 3 weeks of unemployment and find you're scrambling to find money to move. You don't wanna throw your hands up and end up putting expenses on a credit card, or worse - borrowing. Borrowing money sucks for your self-esteem. Avoid it w/ some planning if at all possible!

As an aside, have you ever calculated the interest on a purchase made with your credit card? You might shrug at putting a "necessary" $100 on a credit card, but do you understand that in a few months, what you've done is put is put $175 or more on your card? Always, ALWAYS pay more than your minimum due. Always.

One day when you're bored, take out a pen and paper and your credit cards (or loans) and calculate the interest you're paying. I can only guarantee you that it will make you utterly loathe to charge anything in future.  :-)  (which is good for us crazy Americans).

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