Thursday, August 6, 2015

Things to do when you're broke : BOOKS!

Living day after day with "nothing to do" can make you feel isolated. After the joy of sleeping in late wears off you'll need to think up some things you can do to create routine in your week.

Do you have a library card?
Remember those? Remember writing reports? Ha ha. Todays libraries are modern technological institutions my friends. Books download directly to your Kindle or Nook. Free. They have movies! Free. They have audiobooks. Free! They have real paper books as well- yes, bestsellers, yes. Oh.. and did I mention they're all free?

Use a morning and head down to your local library. (Sneak a bottle of water and a protein bar in your satchel).
There are free lectures and classes and many times job resource individuals who can help you rewrite your resume, prepare for that big interview or just provide tips on how to stay sane. Lol.

Who knows who you might meet in the cooking aisle.

When was the last time you browsed books -NOT on Amazon?
Find a specialty bookstore or a megabookstore and browse! Long ago they switched to library-like environments where you can read/thumb through books without buying.
Find books you love? Great! Write down the authors and titles and download them from the library website when you get home -  or better yet, save the titles for your weekly library trip.

As a side note - have  you started writing the Great American Novel yet? Nows a good time. The library can provide you a lot of resources on how to start.

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