Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bait & Switch

This may only be a funny idea to SOME of you - the rest of you have already been doing this for years. (you know who you are).

Its called keeping the "nicer, higher-end container" and filling it w/ the item you can actually afford.

Common: all your hair products, all your cleaning products
No As Common: Food and Beverage items. Clothing. I have not been above sewing an Everlast label on some $8 sweats I bought at Marshalls, just because it made me feel good.

Surprisingly, this has an uplifting effect. Not only do you get a tiny charge out of being the only one who knows the true chemical makeup of the interior contents, it also makes YOU feel like a rock star. It just makes you feel like your standard of living hasn't changed to the point where you're having to buy off-brand items.

Now I'll point you here.
Cause that lady has done a lot of the work for you. If you have a 99Cents Only store google reviews as well. Heck, whatever the Dollar Store near you is - google product reviews! The familiar refrain of the unemployed once more... doing more work, spending more time WILL save you money. Its annoying but its entirely worth it.

SOME items are totally worth paying more for, MANY MORE are not.

A cleaning staple!

Med supplies always good to have handy

Name Brands here!

Lotions & fragrances tend to be watered-down. Q-tips don't have that much cotton at the tip. I actually prefer less cotton at the tip because I tend to use these for cleaning/detailing my car. Closeup is the only one you wanna use in the mouthwash area below.

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